When there isn't room at the crisis center for the guy who on hour earlier was going to jump off a bridge, there are not enough beds. When you are three times more likely to get sent to jail than to the hospital when you have a serious mental illness, then there aren't enough beds. When the recommended number of beds is 50/100,000 people but your state has 11, there are not enough beds. If you think there are enough beds, then it is time to redefine crisis.

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Randy Conyers, Writer, Advocate, Activist almost 3 years ago

Approaching my 1st year of being a citizen of Edmond, I have seen this city grow exponentially. We are reaching the milestone of having a population of 100,000. Using Mrs. Williams statistics, we need 50 psychiatric hospital beds and 1 crisis center. During this month, February 2014, the OKC metro area that covers our city closed its mental health hospital, resulting in the loss of 47 beds. I can see why the media attention was so extensive when the announcement was made. I can do the math. The media was actually shouting to Edmond, “Hey Edmond, you don’t have psychiatric services in your community, do something about it.” I wonder if anyone was listening. I seriously doubt it. If we could see inside the mind, Edmond would have an epidemic on its hands.