Howard Pennington about 3 years ago

Prisons in Oklahoma a far too populated with inmates who should otherwise receive alternative sentencing. The "lock 'em up" mentality does nothing to improve or protect our citizens. There are alternatives to incarcerating people who have committed non-violent or a first time offense.

It is less costly in the long run to provide alternatives like treatment programs for drugs & alcohol abuse, anger management, sex offender treatment, gambling addition, etc. Surely we are intelligent enough to create a better society without building more prisons for non-violent and non-habitual offenders. Let's work on ways to make them better citizens (because they will get out of prison) and spend less resources in the process.

Can Oklahoma put aside knee jerk emotional responses to crime? Can we evaluate what is actually justice instead of creating laws to manipulate votes? "Feel good" laws or "tough on crime" laws do little for the future safety and well being of Oklahoma.

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Chad Smith, Mr. Criminal Justice almost 3 years ago

I agree totally.