Violent felons from drug trafficers may take counselling and continue as law abiding citizens of the community but are not only exempted from any employment assistance but are punished via registries and housing restrictions. Something shoud be done to assist them in rejoining a productive segment of life rather than continuing qa lifetime of punishment and harrasment.

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Chad Smith, Mr. Criminal Justice almost 3 years ago

I agree. The re-integration of offenders is extremely difficult. There are many hurtles in place that make it almost impossible to become a successfully reintegrated individual. I have listed some of these problems on my post titled "Oklahoma needs a Sentencing and Reintegration reform Bill". Safe guards need to be in place to protect the public, but there also needs to be time limits on the hurtles in place that hinder the reintegration of offenders. Otherwise, we end up with a bunch of habitual offenders trapped in the revolving door of the criminal justice system.