Stopping the Health Care Bill because it will become a Health Hazard. In the bill, doctors will only be allowed to prescribe RX Drugs. Lawyers. across the nation, are now suing to stop many drug companies because their Rx Drugs have such horrible side effects that harm or ruin peoples lives and their futures. Please look at: Lawsuits against Dangerous Drugs. Example: Antidepressants, cause people to Gain Weight, Diabetes medications cause people to Gain Weight and increase their BMI. Statins now all are being sued actually cause people to Gain Weight and even women with no history are getting Diabetes. Antidepressant - anxiety drugs are the worst. Hallucinations, wild mood swings, memory loss "mind in a fog", do strange things to harm themselves or harm others. These drugs can actually drive people to do criminal things. Worst: the birth defects are just horrible. Please do look at these drugs (even horrible birth defects, kidney cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer. In the Health Care Bill all of these drugs are a must for patients. If they don't want to take them, they will be threatened and the doctors will drop them as a patient. What is worse, is that the FDA was given international power and that means that these horrible drugs will be given to other countries. Oklahoma is such a great state where the great majority are fantastic, lifting, caring people. People who rush out to help others. Would it be possible for Oklahoma to take a BIG STAND against these horrible Rx Drugs? We don't want Oklahomans harmed! What can be done? Use The Free Market: take all advertising off of the TV. Change the Health Care bill so that people can USE BOTH, if the want to: choose to take Nutrients like Trace Minerals and Vitamins - along with Drugs. People should have a choice in their lives and never threatened or forced to take drugs. You should see what is in some of these drugs given the children! One drug can even have boys and men grow breasts! Oklahoma IS a great State! Let Oklahoma stand out against harm. Pull the harm alarm and make a difference in this country! That is what we need: A CHOICE! Especially with our own children. Too many children are on drugs when it is just a matter, with some, that they have poor nutrition.

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