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Adoption should be for children that need homes. The adoption industry is making a Large profit from infant adoption, charging up to $50,000 for a baby. This profit has led to widespread deception towards expecting fathers and coercion of expecting mothers. Children are not commodities and should not be transferred to strangers when natural family is available to love and provide for them.

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Karen Yates almost 3 years ago

I want parents, teachers, and local school administrators to have the freed to choose the curriculum for Oklahoma schools. I don't want mass amounts of information collected about our school children and then handed over to outsiders. I want massive amounts of testing done away with in favor of teaching material that a well rounded citizen needs to know such as history, accurate history.

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Currently, Oklahoma is one of the toughest states to form a new political party in the U.S. These laws have created a drought of ideas in our political landscape. We need to reduce the petition requirement for forming a new party from the current 5% of the last general election to the flat 5,000 signatures parties needed prior to the change in 1974.

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Throughout history and up until 1937,Cannabis was used in our pharmacopia for all kinds of medicines. It is still a medicinal plant but if you want to treat your illness with this plant today it can ruin your life and keep you from ever having a decent job again. A recent Oklahoma poll shows that 71.2% of Oklahomans agree that we should have access to this plant as medicine legally. I would like to challenge all House and Senate members to please listen to the citizens of this state and allow for use of cannabis again. People should have the right to treat their bodies in a manner that suits them best.

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Unemployed and working poor need access to the affordable health insurance plans provided by the ACA. Our small hospitals are struggling to replace the income lost by Oklahoma's refusal to participate. This will negatively impact our most vulnerable populations - the young, the old, and the disabled.

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The Department of Corrections is not obeying The latest decision of the Oklahoma Supreme Court regarding releasing all offenders sentenced prior to 1994 from the law passed in 1997. Many citizens of Oklahoma and their families are forced to be restricted every day because D.O.C. is very slack in obeying this decision!

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As in the title.

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As many of you recently learned that the so called "satanic" group wants to build a monument next to the ten commandments on the state house steps. This is the most diabolical proposal and idea that has been introduced in the great state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has a justified system and laws to which we hold dear that keep or community and society safe. Placing a monument that represents "EVIL" and all that is against the justice system of what is fair and just is not only demonstrating a bad example on our community but misguides our future generations in making unlawful decisions that will corrupt our justice system and destroy our state and our people with it. The state of Oklahoma is where justice is served based on what is right! Not what is wrong and publicly displaying evil is wrong. Demons will NEVER BREAK OUR GATES BECAUSE GOD FAVORS US FOREVER!

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Since there are states that allow same sex marriage, our state needs to be able to recognize those marriages as valid if those people travel to and decide to live in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is always about 10 years behind the rest of the country in doing things that should be done. The right to marry who you choose needs to be guaranteed for all. And the Internal Revenue Service needs to recognize these marriage so these people have the same tax benefits as others.

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State employees have gone more than 7 years without a raise. The bosses have given themselves raises. It's time the day to day workers receive raises.

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