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Stopping the Health Care Bill because it will become a Health Hazard. In the bill, doctors will only be allowed to prescribe RX Drugs. Lawyers. across the nation, are now suing to stop many drug companies because their Rx Drugs have such horrible side effects that harm or ruin peoples lives and their futures. Please look at: Lawsuits against Dangerous Drugs. Example: Antidepressants, cause people to Gain Weight, Diabetes medications cause people to Gain Weight and increase their BMI. Statins now all are being sued actually cause people to Gain Weight and even women with no history are getting Diabetes. Antidepressant - anxiety drugs are the worst. Hallucinations, wild mood swings, memory loss "mind in a fog", do strange things to harm themselves or harm others. These drugs can actually drive people to do criminal things. Worst: the birth defects are just horrible. Please do look at these drugs (even horrible birth defects, kidney cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer. In the Health Care Bill all of these drugs are a must for patients. If they don't want to take them, they will be threatened and the doctors will drop them as a patient. What is worse, is that the FDA was given international power and that means that these horrible drugs will be given to other countries. Oklahoma is such a great state where the great majority are fantastic, lifting, caring people. People who rush out to help others. Would it be possible for Oklahoma to take a BIG STAND against these horrible Rx Drugs? We don't want Oklahomans harmed! What can be done? Use The Free Market: take all advertising off of the TV. Change the Health Care bill so that people can USE BOTH, if the want to: choose to take Nutrients like Trace Minerals and Vitamins - along with Drugs. People should have a choice in their lives and never threatened or forced to take drugs. You should see what is in some of these drugs given the children! One drug can even have boys and men grow breasts! Oklahoma IS a great State! Let Oklahoma stand out against harm. Pull the harm alarm and make a difference in this country! That is what we need: A CHOICE! Especially with our own children. Too many children are on drugs when it is just a matter, with some, that they have poor nutrition.

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Oklahoma failure to protect statues allows children to be removed from non-abusive parents and allows those parents to be charged with the actions of the other parents. This prevents victims of domestic violence from seeking help without fear of losing their children.

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Karen Yates almost 3 years ago

I want parents, teachers, and local school administrators to have the freed to choose the curriculum for Oklahoma schools. I don't want mass amounts of information collected about our school children and then handed over to outsiders. I want massive amounts of testing done away with in favor of teaching material that a well rounded citizen needs to know such as history, accurate history.

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I've had this idea for the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma for quite a long time and I am glad to finally have the medium in which I can share it. The cycle begins at the government level who first legalizes marijuana, and then subsidizes farmers that will grow the marijuana. Farmers will sell their product to law abiding shops (or a middle marketer) who then tax the marijuana at a fairly high rate. The taxes then are returned to the state government for continued taxable income, to be used on numerous projects that Oklahoma government finds necessary.

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I've worked with tons of people who have never been "caught," yet are dishonest, impolite, and posses poor work ethic. A person who has been convicted of a felony may have broken the law in the midst of high economic stress, and may simply need things to go well in order to find motivation. The current system makes it either extremely difficult or impossible to get a job that pays much more than minimum wage if the applicant has a criminal record. There could be a national database that takes a persons criminal record and establishes a number rank to an individual. The higher the number, the higher the risk is that they will reoffend. The ranking system allows points to be deducted after, say, 5 years. Everyone, regardless of criminal past will have a rank, and a person with a rank of 0 (zero) is considered to be of no risk to cause an employer or society any unwanted problems.

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I think that jobs should Not be able to ask if you have a felony unless you are applying for a job that involves a child. My husband was convicted of Attempted Armed Robbery in 2001, served some time in prison and learned his lesson. Now 32 years old, getting a good job is impossible in Oklahoma. He has a job which pays minimum wage and is one of their star workers. Employment goes a long way toward motivating anyone, but especially people like him since he loves to work and finds it vastly fulfilling. In a way, the prison term he served was not his punishment; rather, a lifetime of discrimination is his punishment, and a very heavy burden.

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When there isn't room at the crisis center for the guy who on hour earlier was going to jump off a bridge, there are not enough beds. When you are three times more likely to get sent to jail than to the hospital when you have a serious mental illness, then there aren't enough beds. When the recommended number of beds is 50/100,000 people but your state has 11, there are not enough beds. If you think there are enough beds, then it is time to redefine crisis.

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Violent felons from drug trafficers may take counselling and continue as law abiding citizens of the community but are not only exempted from any employment assistance but are punished via registries and housing restrictions. Something shoud be done to assist them in rejoining a productive segment of life rather than continuing qa lifetime of punishment and harrasment.

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To help the middle class out and create an incentive to work, the Oklahoma Government should not tax anything over a 40 hour workweek. I heard this was close to being voted on before and think it would be a huge boost for people who already work. But there is a twist that I would like to put in. The government will be missing out on some tax money to spend. So to help them out, people would have to submit a 3 month budget and a 6 month budget. That includes food, bills, debt, house payment, gas, etc. This would help every year to gather good statistical data on what residents are having to face and the standard of living for each Oklahoman. 3/4 of your overtime hour pay will go to pay for treasury notes or state bonds that is the workers until they reach their 3 month budget reserve. The other 1/4 goes to the workers pocket. After the 3 month budget goal is reached, then the worker can move to the second stage. 1/4 of your overtime hour pay will go to pay treasury notes or state bonds until the worker reached their 6 month budget reserve. The other 3/4 goes into the workers pocket. After the 6 month goal is reached, then everything overtime goes into the worker's pocket. The notes or bonds are still controlled by the government. They do not gain that much growth, but they are very secure and it helps the government out for helping the worker out. (I cannot believe I just said help the Gov. out). The last of this proposal is that workers must exhaust this fund before receiving any welfare benefits.

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Howard Pennington about 3 years ago

Prisons in Oklahoma a far too populated with inmates who should otherwise receive alternative sentencing. The "lock 'em up" mentality does nothing to improve or protect our citizens. There are alternatives to incarcerating people who have committed non-violent or a first time offense.

It is less costly in the long run to provide alternatives like treatment programs for drugs & alcohol abuse, anger management, sex offender treatment, gambling addition, etc. Surely we are intelligent enough to create a better society without building more prisons for non-violent and non-habitual offenders. Let's work on ways to make them better citizens (because they will get out of prison) and spend less resources in the process.

Can Oklahoma put aside knee jerk emotional responses to crime? Can we evaluate what is actually justice instead of creating laws to manipulate votes? "Feel good" laws or "tough on crime" laws do little for the future safety and well being of Oklahoma.

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