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Change the tax code to encourage savings rather than borrowing. Respect citizens abilities to 'do-it-yourself'. Remove the barriers to work, commerce, and competition such as testing, licensing. Outlaw the practice of giving taxpayer's monies to strengthen any commercial enterprises. Encourage effective competition.

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While eating at a restaurant in Lawton, I noticed that a man in a wheelchair looked very uncomfortable. His wheelchair did not fit under the table so he had to sit sideways. The man was not able to see his wife or reach his plate without discomfort. There are so many of our service men and women who have lost limbs and people who have become handicapped through illnesses or accidents that I think it would be wonderful if a provision in a handicapped law could allow for some tables to be adjustable to allow these people support.

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Chad Smith, Mr. Criminal Justice about 3 years ago

Oklahoma is one of the incarceration capitals of the World. The Department of Corrections is the second largest department in the state. It has an average budget of $450 million each year. A lot of this tax payer money could be saved by implementing the following ideas. First, shorten all prison sentences to five years or less if the crime is not deserving of death. Second, eliminate the sex offender and violent offender registry. Third, allow all offenders the opportunity to seek a criminal record expungement. Next, completely eliminate the Governor from the pardon and parole process. Also, reduce the living restrictions ban for sex offenders from 2000 to 1000 feet from schools, parks, etc. Finally, close down Oklahoma State Reformatory located in Granite and the Oklahoma State Penitentiary located in McAlester. Replace them with one new facility located inside the Oklahoma City limits and on the Metro Transit Bus Route. Locking people up and throwing away the key is not the answer. Oklahoma legislators need to start dealing with this issue and stop allotting the Department of Corrections more tax payers' money to do nothing more than contribute to an ever growing problem.

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Cannabis has been used by mankind since 4000 BC across the world for pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and other debilitating conditions. Currently we are seeing the United States change there laws day by day. Currently, CNN has been helping change thoughts by showing the power of this medicine used with epileptic families. In November, Realm of Caring and CNN both came to the Oklahoma State Capital for a forum. Many Oklahoman's got to meet true patients and hear there stories. We are continuing to request that Oklahoma change its punishment for Cannabis to atleast allow some citizens to be overseen by there doctor and attempt this treatment.

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If there is a pipeline there will be oil spills.

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jennifer taylor about 3 years ago

Permitting horse slaughter has really given Oklahoma a black eye.

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Idea: Maglev Train

James Thompson about 3 years ago

Oklahoma is the center of the nation. Building a Maglev train could lower emissions, open jobs to other areas, and make us look like a technological leader. The politicians could get the cars and train stops named after them. This could open travel to other states safer and faster. Imagine going to Dallas in about an hour while being able to sleep at the same time from OKC. Also with unemployment so high, this would create thousands upon thousands of jobs. Not just some petty job, but jobs that people could feel proud about, because they are making a different for the future. Also, Oklahoma roads are not the best and people would be using them less. I really don't see the downside to this.

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Pat Ray about 3 years ago

Court reform is needed. Many times settling for a wrong outcome is better than fighting the expensive battle required to get Justice in the fancy buildings with well paid Judges and staff. And the system is too often used to transfer wealth from innocent consumers to lawyers. It is not justice to punish innocent consumers and co-workers because the actions of a few employees resulted in injury. People could self insure for such events and only the guilty parties be punished with criminal charges.

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E-Cigs are an easy way for smokers to improve their health and move away from harmful tobacco. Yet, this smoking alternative is under attack by many nanny-ists both local and nationwide. There are many efforts to lump these products which contain no tobacco in with tobacco containing products. This needs to stop. Oklahoma needs to take a stand with the health of its citizens and allow the market for e-cigs to flourish with no undue regulation.

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According to the Institute For Justice's Policing For Profit report, Oklahoma receives a grade of D for its Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. Under these laws, law enforcement officers are allowed to seize the property of law abiding citizens under the pretense that the property is profit from the drug trade or other illicit activity. No criminal charges need to be filed against the property owner for this confiscation of property to happen. It is then up to the property owner to prove that the property confiscated was not used in a crime.

This practice needs to end and we need to return to a law that values private property rights for individuals.

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