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Currently, Oklahoma is one of the toughest states to form a new political party in the U.S. These laws have created a drought of ideas in our political landscape. We need to reduce the petition requirement for forming a new party from the current 5% of the last general election to the flat 5,000 signatures parties needed prior to the change in 1974.

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Remove the legislature's exemption from following the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts. Transparency in government is essential to good governance. The legislature should operate under the same rules and regulations as local school boards, city councils and county commissions must follow.

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James Thompson about 3 years ago

Leflore County has one of the worst unemployment rates if not the worst in the State. We could use some businesses. While it might not be the government's job to bring companies to our area, it would be nice to offer them some tax incentives or offer individuals government loans to start a small business.

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The Department of Corrections is not obeying The latest decision of the Oklahoma Supreme Court regarding releasing all offenders sentenced prior to 1994 from the law passed in 1997. Many citizens of Oklahoma and their families are forced to be restricted every day because D.O.C. is very slack in obeying this decision!

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As CNG is somewhat cheaper as a fuel. We have other renewable resources that could be made available. Hemp for example could be used as a fuel, 3 crops a year for Oklahoma farmers. An incentive for lower income individuals to get off the grid for their electrical bills alone could buy needed medication for elderly and disabled individuals. Considering that OGE produces 30 times the electricity that Oklahoma uses. It seems to me that OGE could and should help the needy in at this time and Oklahoma should give an incentive to individuals who are below poverty level to get off the grid as they say.

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Most assuredly individuals should receive incentives. Businesses should as well but that must be kept to a reasonable standard. Low income and the elderly should be helped the most, as the change over is very expensive in most cases and it seems that most businesses try to punish people for changing over.

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All County Officials should have some training in the areas to which they are working. And as it is abundantly clear some need more than others.

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The ACA should be refused in Oklahoma. It should be covered by the State. Take the Federal Government to court.

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Amend the Reading Sufficiency Act to allow a third grade student with an IEP, Individual Education Program, and an identified Learning Disability to have the grade retention decision made by a committee of the parent/legal guardian, special education teacher, classroom teacher and administrator instead of an arbitary decision based upon one single test on one single day.

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We have a tremendous task ahead to return to Constitutional government and economic and cultural freedom. Have to start somewhere.

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