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Purpose is to avoid thwarting the will of the people by letting a 'minor' candidate siphon votes from the candidate whom the majority of the voters would prefer.

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To easily determine whether or not schools are being wise stewards of our property taxes - to better educate.

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Just as it says. Purpose, of course, is to stop undue influence of money into candidates and issues that the donor does not have to live with the consequences of.

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As in the title.

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It's time Oklahoma shows the rest of the US that we are not fooled by prohibitionist lies and embrace Cannabis for the medicinal values it provides.

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Police Officers in small towns in Oklahoma need insurance that they can afford for their families. People do not realize that Police officers make very little income and cannot even afford to add their families to their insurance.

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Grand Parents should have legal visitation with their Grandchildren no matter what. It can be checked and balanced with child protective services. Grand children need their Grandparents in their lives to give them love and cherish them, they should not be taken away at the whim of a childish Mother or Father.

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Legalize Hemp for our farmers, legalize Cannabis either totally for adults or at least for medical use, allow people to grow their own medication. Save our chronically ill and low income patients from outrageous pharm. bills.and I could go on and on about the uses of Hemp, but there isn't enough space. Let out of prison and jail all inmates that have been arrested for none violent cannabis possession.

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Lynn Woodward about 3 years ago

Create special military service veterans courts for vets with PTSD, brain injury and other service related injuries that get into trouble. Actually help them and legislate that they can get VA benefits for their treatment!

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Ethics Reform - Eliminate gifts from lobbyists to elected officials

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