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Eliminate the requirement that freshman have to live on campus at the University of Oklahoma

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The Rules of the House were drafted to allow for the individual presiding in the chair during each legislative session to snuff out debate and reasonable discourse, entirely contrary to principles the Founding Fathers used to establish this country.

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Pass the bill that Brad Henry Vetoed when he was in office. The bill that was overridden in the House and only a couple of votes short of a Senate override, before we got many newly elected Prolife House and Senate members.

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KD King about 3 years ago

Oklahoma really needs to improve it's transportation availability. Oklahoma City is a large city and it's impossible to get around easily without a car or someone to drive you. I think disabled, elderly, those with suspended or no license, and those that can't afford to own a car could use a transportation system to get around. It could also help with uninsured drivers if we offered another way for them to get around and those with bad eye sight that drive anyway and cause wrecks because they have no other way.

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This idea seems to have very widespread support from the citizens of the state. Why are our legislators so dead-set against it?

The law(s) concerning "driving while distracted" are not having any impact on drivers' behavior when it comes to texting. In order to get people to take this seriously we need a stand-alone law -- with significant consequences -- addressing this issue. Other states have done it; why are Oklahoma's legislators unsupportive of such a law?

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State employees have gone more than 7 years without a raise. The bosses have given themselves raises. It's time the day to day workers receive raises.

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Continue investment in mental health treatment and prevention programs. Specifically, add more emergency mental health care (crisis centers) facilities throughout the state. Fund Systems of Care for children and families of children with serious emotional disturbances. This is money much better spent than in prisons and jails.

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Throughout history and up until 1937,Cannabis was used in our pharmacopia for all kinds of medicines. It is still a medicinal plant but if you want to treat your illness with this plant today it can ruin your life and keep you from ever having a decent job again. A recent Oklahoma poll shows that 71.2% of Oklahomans agree that we should have access to this plant as medicine legally. I would like to challenge all House and Senate members to please listen to the citizens of this state and allow for use of cannabis again. People should have the right to treat their bodies in a manner that suits them best.

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Kelly Ferguson about 3 years ago

ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) allow parents to use money the state would spend on their child in a public school system on the education and schooling of their choice. When a parent removes their child from public school, the money assigned to be spent on that child in the assigned public school is transferred to an ESA. These funds are only accessible through a debit card for educational materials. They can be used for materials for home schooling, private school tuition, online schooling, etc. Arizona is already doing this and has had wonderful success among families using ESAs.

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