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Karen Yates almost 3 years ago

I want parents, teachers, and local school administrators to have the freed to choose the curriculum for Oklahoma schools. I don't want mass amounts of information collected about our school children and then handed over to outsiders. I want massive amounts of testing done away with in favor of teaching material that a well rounded citizen needs to know such as history, accurate history.

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Amend the Reading Sufficiency Act to allow a third grade student with an IEP, Individual Education Program, and an identified Learning Disability to have the grade retention decision made by a committee of the parent/legal guardian, special education teacher, classroom teacher and administrator instead of an arbitary decision based upon one single test on one single day.

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To easily determine whether or not schools are being wise stewards of our property taxes - to better educate.

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Same as above

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Eliminate the requirement that freshman have to live on campus at the University of Oklahoma

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Kelly Ferguson about 3 years ago

ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) allow parents to use money the state would spend on their child in a public school system on the education and schooling of their choice. When a parent removes their child from public school, the money assigned to be spent on that child in the assigned public school is transferred to an ESA. These funds are only accessible through a debit card for educational materials. They can be used for materials for home schooling, private school tuition, online schooling, etc. Arizona is already doing this and has had wonderful success among families using ESAs.

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Children prosper better in smaller classes, under 20 students, and do worse as they swell over, as they are now. Hiring more teachers will cut classes to reasonable levels.

Oklahoma teachers are not being paid what they're worth. If we want good teachers coming into our state, instead of fleeing Oklahoma for better jobs, give them a raise.

Finally, increase their budget so teachers don't have to use their own money for supplies.

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Sadly, the Oklahoma Legislature has failed give common education enough money to support public schools, even though there is enough money. I realize that it is important to put extra money away in our state's "Rainy day fund account", but first the state needs to pay it's bills before giving tax breaks to companies that really don't need it. The state's main bills it should pay first are: education, transportation, human services, corrections, law enforcement, etc. Think of it as getting your paycheck and knowing that you earned $2,000 a month, more than enough to pay all of your bills. Instead of receiving the $2000, your boss tell you that even though he has enough to pay you what you earned, but he is only going to pay you $1500, because he wants to put more money into his savings account. Would you continue to work for this boss? No, you would report him to the authorities and then start looking for another job. That is exactly what is happening in the state of Oklahoma. Our best and brightest teachers are leaving the profession or leaving the state to move to another state that funds education.

If that is not embarrassing enough, the state legislators have added insult to injury by demanding that our public school teachers implement not one, but three different programs simultaneously, (teacher evaluation, reading sufficiency act, and common core). while refusing to fund it. Think of it as your boss sending you to the store to get something that cost $100 but only giving you $70 to pay for it. This is what the Oklahoma Legislature has done to public education for the past several years.

This past spring all of the state superintendents got together and went to our state legislature. They told them that they needed, just to pay all of their bills and to keep the doors open to public schools. What did they get? The state legislature gave them 75% of the budget that was requested, when they had a surplus of funds!

I hope you agree with me, and help Oklahoma's students and educators demand to fully fund education!

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