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Change the tax code to encourage savings rather than borrowing. Respect citizens abilities to 'do-it-yourself'. Remove the barriers to work, commerce, and competition such as testing, licensing. Outlaw the practice of giving taxpayer's monies to strengthen any commercial enterprises. Encourage effective competition.

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James Thompson about 3 years ago

Leflore County has one of the worst unemployment rates if not the worst in the State. We could use some businesses. While it might not be the government's job to bring companies to our area, it would be nice to offer them some tax incentives or offer individuals government loans to start a small business.

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All County Officials should have some training in the areas to which they are working. And as it is abundantly clear some need more than others.

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Grand Parents should have legal visitation with their Grandchildren no matter what. It can be checked and balanced with child protective services. Grand children need their Grandparents in their lives to give them love and cherish them, they should not be taken away at the whim of a childish Mother or Father.

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The Rules of the House were drafted to allow for the individual presiding in the chair during each legislative session to snuff out debate and reasonable discourse, entirely contrary to principles the Founding Fathers used to establish this country.

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This idea seems to have very widespread support from the citizens of the state. Why are our legislators so dead-set against it?

The law(s) concerning "driving while distracted" are not having any impact on drivers' behavior when it comes to texting. In order to get people to take this seriously we need a stand-alone law -- with significant consequences -- addressing this issue. Other states have done it; why are Oklahoma's legislators unsupportive of such a law?

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As many of you recently learned that the so called "satanic" group wants to build a monument next to the ten commandments on the state house steps. This is the most diabolical proposal and idea that has been introduced in the great state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has a justified system and laws to which we hold dear that keep or community and society safe. Placing a monument that represents "EVIL" and all that is against the justice system of what is fair and just is not only demonstrating a bad example on our community but misguides our future generations in making unlawful decisions that will corrupt our justice system and destroy our state and our people with it. The state of Oklahoma is where justice is served based on what is right! Not what is wrong and publicly displaying evil is wrong. Demons will NEVER BREAK OUR GATES BECAUSE GOD FAVORS US FOREVER!

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Oklahoma needs to get back to its roots. We were once a proud state, and we should be, especially as seen after the May tornadoes. Lately, we've let things turn to ruin, from the state capitol building, to roads and bridges, and education and health. We need leaders with a vision for 21st c. America. OK has the best people in the world. Let's honor them again with making OK the best place to live in the USA.

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Since there are states that allow same sex marriage, our state needs to be able to recognize those marriages as valid if those people travel to and decide to live in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is always about 10 years behind the rest of the country in doing things that should be done. The right to marry who you choose needs to be guaranteed for all. And the Internal Revenue Service needs to recognize these marriage so these people have the same tax benefits as others.

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Oklahoma is one of the last, if not the last state to not allow the sale of 6 point beer and liquor in convenience, grocery and specialty stores (like Wal Mart). If you want to create jobs and spur growth, this is an excellent method of drawing new businesses to Oklahoma (like Costco who has the highest entry-level employee salary of any large chain).

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