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I've worked with tons of people who have never been "caught," yet are dishonest, impolite, and posses poor work ethic. A person who has been convicted of a felony may have broken the law in the midst of high economic stress, and may simply need things to go well in order to find motivation. The current system makes it either extremely difficult or impossible to get a job that pays much more than minimum wage if the applicant has a criminal record. There could be a national database that takes a persons criminal record and establishes a number rank to an individual. The higher the number, the higher the risk is that they will reoffend. The ranking system allows points to be deducted after, say, 5 years. Everyone, regardless of criminal past will have a rank, and a person with a rank of 0 (zero) is considered to be of no risk to cause an employer or society any unwanted problems.

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I think that jobs should Not be able to ask if you have a felony unless you are applying for a job that involves a child. My husband was convicted of Attempted Armed Robbery in 2001, served some time in prison and learned his lesson. Now 32 years old, getting a good job is impossible in Oklahoma. He has a job which pays minimum wage and is one of their star workers. Employment goes a long way toward motivating anyone, but especially people like him since he loves to work and finds it vastly fulfilling. In a way, the prison term he served was not his punishment; rather, a lifetime of discrimination is his punishment, and a very heavy burden.

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Currently, Oklahoma is one of the toughest states to form a new political party in the U.S. These laws have created a drought of ideas in our political landscape. We need to reduce the petition requirement for forming a new party from the current 5% of the last general election to the flat 5,000 signatures parties needed prior to the change in 1974.

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Remove the legislature's exemption from following the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts. Transparency in government is essential to good governance. The legislature should operate under the same rules and regulations as local school boards, city councils and county commissions must follow.

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We have a tremendous task ahead to return to Constitutional government and economic and cultural freedom. Have to start somewhere.

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Purpose is to avoid thwarting the will of the people by letting a 'minor' candidate siphon votes from the candidate whom the majority of the voters would prefer.

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Just as it says. Purpose, of course, is to stop undue influence of money into candidates and issues that the donor does not have to live with the consequences of.

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As in the title.

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Legalize Hemp for our farmers, legalize Cannabis either totally for adults or at least for medical use, allow people to grow their own medication. Save our chronically ill and low income patients from outrageous pharm. bills.and I could go on and on about the uses of Hemp, but there isn't enough space. Let out of prison and jail all inmates that have been arrested for none violent cannabis possession.

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Ethics Reform - Eliminate gifts from lobbyists to elected officials

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