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I've had this idea for the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma for quite a long time and I am glad to finally have the medium in which I can share it. The cycle begins at the government level who first legalizes marijuana, and then subsidizes farmers that will grow the marijuana. Farmers will sell their product to law abiding shops (or a middle marketer) who then tax the marijuana at a fairly high rate. The taxes then are returned to the state government for continued taxable income, to be used on numerous projects that Oklahoma government finds necessary.

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To help the middle class out and create an incentive to work, the Oklahoma Government should not tax anything over a 40 hour workweek. I heard this was close to being voted on before and think it would be a huge boost for people who already work. But there is a twist that I would like to put in. The government will be missing out on some tax money to spend. So to help them out, people would have to submit a 3 month budget and a 6 month budget. That includes food, bills, debt, house payment, gas, etc. This would help every year to gather good statistical data on what residents are having to face and the standard of living for each Oklahoman. 3/4 of your overtime hour pay will go to pay for treasury notes or state bonds that is the workers until they reach their 3 month budget reserve. The other 1/4 goes to the workers pocket. After the 3 month budget goal is reached, then the worker can move to the second stage. 1/4 of your overtime hour pay will go to pay treasury notes or state bonds until the worker reached their 6 month budget reserve. The other 3/4 goes into the workers pocket. After the 6 month goal is reached, then everything overtime goes into the worker's pocket. The notes or bonds are still controlled by the government. They do not gain that much growth, but they are very secure and it helps the government out for helping the worker out. (I cannot believe I just said help the Gov. out). The last of this proposal is that workers must exhaust this fund before receiving any welfare benefits.

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