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Idea: Maglev Train

James Thompson about 3 years ago

Oklahoma is the center of the nation. Building a Maglev train could lower emissions, open jobs to other areas, and make us look like a technological leader. The politicians could get the cars and train stops named after them. This could open travel to other states safer and faster. Imagine going to Dallas in about an hour while being able to sleep at the same time from OKC. Also with unemployment so high, this would create thousands upon thousands of jobs. Not just some petty job, but jobs that people could feel proud about, because they are making a different for the future. Also, Oklahoma roads are not the best and people would be using them less. I really don't see the downside to this.

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Most assuredly individuals should receive incentives. Businesses should as well but that must be kept to a reasonable standard. Low income and the elderly should be helped the most, as the change over is very expensive in most cases and it seems that most businesses try to punish people for changing over.

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KD King about 3 years ago

Oklahoma really needs to improve it's transportation availability. Oklahoma City is a large city and it's impossible to get around easily without a car or someone to drive you. I think disabled, elderly, those with suspended or no license, and those that can't afford to own a car could use a transportation system to get around. It could also help with uninsured drivers if we offered another way for them to get around and those with bad eye sight that drive anyway and cause wrecks because they have no other way.

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